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Member Resources

Click here to download a printable summary of all ILFOP member benefits and resources.

 Legislative Voice

The Illinois State Lodge has contracted with Leinenweber, Baroni & Daffada, LLC, a full-time professional lobbying firm to represent the legislative interests of our members.  As the largest organization of police officers in the United States, the FOP serves as a significant advocate for its members, with notable efforts toward maintaining pension and collective bargaining rights. Visit the Advocacy webpage to find legislative priorities and bill status updates; follow our efforts with the We Are One Illinois Coalition; and “like” us on Facebook for regular legislative news.


Officer-to-Officer Critical Incident and Peer Support – (866) 535-1078

The Critical Incident Support Team (CIST) is available 24-hours per day, seven days a week to provide confidential peer support and information, as well as personal counseling or social service referrals. Should a major critical incident occur, such as a shooting that involves a police officer, the CIST will respond by notifying the Illinois Network of Critical Incident Stress Management. If requested, CIST will also send a team member to assist the officer, family and department. If the critical incident involves a line of duty death, the CIST can assist in the preparations of a law enforcement funeral.

Disaster Response Unit

The Disaster Response Unit provides response to Illinois FOP members, police officers and their families during times of disaster. We provide physical support in temporary repair of homes and recovery of property, as well as provide communication services to other family members and counseling services as needed. Feeding officers in need during a disaster will also be possible in many cases.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

The Illinois State Lodge provides accidental death and dismemberment insurance for all members in good standing, at no additional cost, whether the accident occurs while on duty or not. Please see the one-page overview titled “Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits” for a summary of what is covered and benefit amounts.


Chaplaincy Care

The Associate Chaplaincy program was created to enhance the delivery and quality of law enforcement services through the provision of pastoral care to officers in times of personal need and crisis. Chaplains provide services as requested and all information is kept confidential. Associate Chaplains are to be Christian friends, who meet an officer’s needs on a one-on-one basis by listening, counseling and/or referring to other resources as is appropriate for each situation. Please visit the chaplaincy page to find the FOP chaplain assigned to your area.

Scholarship Program

Each year, the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police awards $9,000 in scholarships to college students whose parents are members in good standing. Chosen at random, one applicant from each of the 18 representative FOP districts in Illinois receives $500 towards college expenses.   


Legal Defense

The Legal Defense Plan is a self-funded ERISA plan, solely owned and operated by the FOP Grand Lodge, that is available to eligible FOP groups and individual members. The plan provides defense coverage for administrative, civil and criminal actions that arise out of law enforcement duties. For more information, visit


FOP License Plates

Exclusive for active members, Fraternal Order of Police License Plates show pride in fraternalism and law enforcement. Please visit the license plate page for more information.

Education & Training

The Illinois Law Enforcement Education Foundation (ILEEF), a 501c3 organization, was created by the State Lodge to increase the education, charitable and research capabilities of law enforcement. ILEEF is currently working toward implementing a statewide police suicide education and prevention program. I

Industry News & Information

FOP members receive e-mail updates from both the national and state lodges, as well as FOP Journal, a quarterly print publication from the Grand Lodge. The ILFOP website is also updated frequently with the latest in legislative and member updates and the ILFOP Facebook offers daily articles and alerts.

Member in Need of Assistance

In addition to the chaplaincy and CIST programs, the State Lodge website includes a page that is dedicated to posting the needs of its members. Whether you are a member in need or a member looking to help a fellow member, visit the members in need page for more information.