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The representation of the Illinois FOP Labor Council
Election 2018 Voter's Guide

The amazing and unparalleled representation the Illinois FOP Labor Council provides highlights the biggest issue ever of the Illinois FOP Journal. 

Read all about how the Labor Council is improving salaries, benefits and working condition for law enforcement officers throughout Illinois.

Our Election 2018 special report presents a breakdown of the Illinois FOP-endorsed candidates for the Nov. 6 General Election.

Don't miss...
A look at the Law Enforcement Support Program Confidentiality Act that opens the door for officers to get the mental healthcare treatment they have been asking for and need.

All the features that have made the Illinois FOP Journal so widely read:
• Reports from the State Lodge President, Illinois FOP Labor Council Executive Director and State Lodge Board Members.
• The Lodge Spotlight highlights State Troopers Lodge 41.
• Reports from experts providing commentary on labor law, finance and firearms protection.

The Illinois FOP Journal is now the official digital publication of the State Lodge and the Illinois FOP Labor Council. 

Please forward this email to all your members, family members, supporters and friends of the Illinois State FOP, the Illinois FOP Labor Council and your Lodge, so they too can read all about the great work you are doing.

This issue also provides detailed information about businesses and services supporting the 35,000 law enforcement officers and their families who receive this magazine emailed directly to their personal email addresses. 

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2017 ILFOP Scholarship Winners!

District # Student's Name College/University Parent Lodge #
1 Amanda Crain Purdue University Thomas Crain 7
2 Rachel J Carlson University of Illinis David Brown 41
3 Arterrya Edmond Tennessee State University Artlean Gage 263
4 Steven Podkuldki Illinois State University Christina Reid 123
5 Brandon Lynn Quincy University Gregory Lynn 95
6 Kyle Wisenwski University of Kentucky Terrie Wasnewski 214
7 Emmanuel Georgitsis Western Illinois University Sherie Eakins 270
8 Keeley Goyer Joliet Junior College Mark Goyer 121
9 Cayleb Lawrence University of Missouri Chad Lawrence 5
10 Jeremy Ferger Indiana University Bloomington Ward Ferger 34
11 Syndie Weis Loyola University Chicago Dwayne Weis 11
12 Mackenzie Roselieb Blackhawk College Shawn Roselieb 96
13 Deitrik Robertson Spoon River College Trent Robertson 169
14 Ty Bradley Rogers Quincy University Bradley Rogers 125
15 Robert McDonald Southern Illinois University Bruce McDonald 241
16 Grant Harper Parkland College Timothy Harper 17
17 Taylor Doan Southern Illinois University Kay Doan 193
18 James Blcakburn University of Illinois Robert Allen 95
ISPFCU Grant Myers Monmouth College Troy Myers 301
FOP Aux Hailee Eltzeroth Indiana University Ron Eltzeroth 17