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Contact Us
Fraternal Order of Police
Illinois State Lodge
4341 Acer Grove, Suite B
Springfield, IL 62711

Toll Free: (800) 522-2677 (COPS)
Phone: (217) 726-8880
Fax: (217) 726-8881
Executive Board & District Trustees

Chris Southwood, President

Patrick Duckhorn, 1st Vice President

Keith Turney, 2nd Vice President

Kevin Farrell, 3rd Vice President

Doug Thompson, Secretary

Dennis Kazarian, Treasurer

Manuel Ruiz, Sergeant-at-Arms

Terry Trueblood, Chairman of Trustees

Mark Donahue, Past President

John Dineen, Past National President

Robert "Rocky" Nowaczyk, National Trustee

Tim Kobler, Chairman, Labor Council

Daniel Lovin, State Chaplain

Thomas Lonergan, District 1 Trustee

Steven Bundy, District 2 Trustee

Jay DeWitt, District 3 Trustee

Michael Lucente, District 4 Trustee

Eric Locke, District 5 Trustee

Russell Sullivan, District 6 Trustee

Tim Jorgensen, District 7 Trustee

Philip Tenerelli, District 8 Trustee

Jeff McBrayer, District 9 Trustee

Michael Donnenwirth, District 10 Trustee

Nate Holman,  District 11 Trustee

Dan Crippen, District 12 Trustee

Jerry Lieb, District 13 Trustee

Brian Gimpel, District 14 Trustee

Michael Vladetich, District 15 Trustee

David Parsons, District 16 Trustee

John Dunning, District 17 Trustee

Terry Trueblood, District 18 Trustee

Staff Directory
Nancy Wooden, Office Manager

Rhonda Taylor, Administrative Assistant

Dan Hassinger, General Counsel