Critical Incident & Peer Support


This poster can be downloaded and copied to be posted in departments and lodges

Officers Supporting Officers. 

Call (866) 535-1078, 24-hours per day, seven days per week. Toll-free and confidential.

ANY POLICE OFFICER, whether an FOP member or not, is encouraged to call for peer support and information, as well as personal counseling or social service referrals. Whatever your need, the Critical Incident Support Team is available to provide confidential support.

Should a major critical incident occur, such as a shooting that involves a police officer, the CIST will respond by notifying the Illinois Network of Critical Incident Stress Management. If requested, CIST will also send a team member to assist the officer, family and department. If the critical incident involves a line of duty death, the CIST can assist in the preparations of a law enforcement funeral.

The Illinois FOP has a supply of quick-reference cards (seen below). Please help us disseminate them to officers all over the state. To receive a small quantity for distribution, please send your request to Nancy Wooden.

Support CDs Available

The Critical Incident Support CD is available at no charge to aid officers and their families in dealing with officer injury and death.

To order, contact the State Lodge at or (217) 726-8880.